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  Polyester web slings


Polyester web slings

Round Slings

Endless Round Slings - KR

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Factor of safety for webbing 1:7
The colour combination as shown in the chart is a mere indicator, however the colour may change subject to availability of raw materials


  • Soft, supple, and light in weight, easy to handle.
  • Internationally identifiable colour code, SWL shown on slings and also shown by the way of woven stripes i.e. each black stripe for each ton.
  • Ideally suited for lifting smooth, polished or coated objects.
  • Conforms to B. S. 6668 Part 2 and Indian standards.

  • Zebra Round Slings are light weight compared to the working load ratio and being Polyester do not rust or corrode as in metal slings.
  • hese slings have no danger of hand injury to workman caused by cut wires and does not spark, hence can be used explosive environment.
  • The elongation factor on load is only 3%, hence it absorbs the load while lifting.
  • Zebra Round Slings flattens and adjust to contours of the load point thus forming a firm grip.

Chennai lifting and pneumatics.,

How to look after your Zebra Sling

  • Small cuts on sleeves can be taped and reused... cuts on the main yarn core, the slings should be discarded.
  • Slings can be washed in cold water with a mild detergent.
  • Zebra slings are resistant to most chemicals but avoid ammonia, alkalis and strong acid.
  • Use anti cutting webbing sleeves at sharp contact points to get more life of your Zebra Sling.
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Advantages over Steel Rope or Chain

Zebra polyester Slings are considered lighter than a metal product of comparable lifting performance and as a consequences are both safer and easier to handle. The main safety and handling advantage of the Zebra Slings are listed below:
  • Because of the suppleness of polyester, the Zebra Sling accommodates irregularities of the load, twisted wire rope may grip in the wrong place creating imbalance.
  • Absorbs shocks
  • No corrosion - wire ropes can rust unseen from inside
  • Easier to inspect - if it looks all right, it is alright
  • Less weight means easier, quicker working, less risk of back injuries
  • Less weight also means cheaper transport - only 20% of the steel chain for example
  • Less risk of damage to sensitive or painted surfaces.
  • Safe in hazardous or explosive environments as there is no risk of sparking

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